Shades of Green.

31 Aug

Its getting to the point in the summer where the garden has to get sorted fast so that our 3 yr old has a place to play. Its been very frustrating having so much land and yet most of it isn’t safe (yet) for a toddler to play on. So we have prioritized the garden and decided to crack on with it. I got our landscapers  round and the first thing they said to me was “Where’s your design?” ..ahh..errr. yes about that…..

So a quick call was made to Shades of Green – a local landscape architect firm that I have been watching closely. I love their style  and some of their work and I think they could do great things with our garden. Here’s a taster of their work.

Ive , their principal, came round and I shared some ideas I had for the garden (A fire pit, patio, veg boxes, new pool etc..what dont I want!!) and she’s gone to draw up a proposal for us.  I’m excited to see what concept they come back with and what cost they envisage for us to do it……. as we plan to do most of the work ourselves with our landscapers help we really are looking for design fees only.

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