Week 29 Roundup: Siding, painting and trying to finish the front…

5 Sep

Week 29 saw Adrian back and getting stuck in which was great. He finished siding the left side of the house using his handmade scaffolding! The Hardie cement boards were pre-primed in our siding color “pavement” and then we can add  a second and final coat to the boards. We love this color for the siding but the roof came out a lot lighter than we thought it would and on reflection we probably should have gone a shade darker but its on now and after living without it for so long we are not going to change it!!!!


Our new focus after getting the front extension completed was to get the front of the house finished as fast as possible. Then we can focus on the upstairs rooms as we want to move into the rooms there fast and get the boys settled in their new rooms quick sharp as it’s getting pretty tiresome living in 2 rooms downstairs.

Adrian continued to side up the front of the house and it’s really starting to look good…. we will be adding the cedar contrast wood around the big lounge window next week.


We still don’t have a front door – this is currently our entrance…

Not very “enterable” as you can see! We need to get some concrete stairs poured pretty darn quickly, plus it makes the living room cold only having sheets of plywood up covering the entrance.

But I am happy to say that the door is on site and will likely get fitted next week. We had the door custom-made by the Hudson Street Design crew, in fact all the doors in the house so far have come from these guys.  Jon was priming the frame this weekend with his spray can primer.

And we are testing out colors for the door finish .  We were pretty sold on a bright red but have been told it will fade fairly quickly, so I am toying with a bright apple green color as well. Watch this space to see what color we eventually go for!

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