Week 30 Roundup: Exterior Staining, Painting and Door Installation.

17 Sep

This week we continued siding the front of the house. Adrian started putting the cedar siding near the door that will serve as an accent piece onto the front. At first when we saw the cedar on we were excited, and then we noticed that Adrian had nailed it to the side of the house without lining up the nails and that they were all over the place. Oh no, disaster we thought, these are going to be on show and look just awful. However what we didn’t realize is that a) you HAD to nail the cedar or it wouldn’t stay up and would bow out, and b) that you can get a filler nowadays that will stain the same color as the wood so the nail heads will disappear! Slight panic over (and homeowner v/s contractor knowledge reaffirmed) we relaxed and focused our attention elsewhere.

Although it looks pretty good in its natural state, we plan to stain this cedar a dark almost ebony finish, it’s going to look amazing and I’m really excited about it. Below is the swatch pallet for our front house colors.

The light Grey is Benjamin Moore in Pavement, The dark accent color is Benjamin Moore in Almost Black, the stain is a Sikkens one called Ebony.

The door  was also hung which was somewhat of a major breakthrough having lived with drilled plywood for an entrance for a few weeks now! The cold coming through that gaping hole was terrible, and that was in the summer! However due to the lack of hardware , which we can’t put on till we paint the door, the door is currently being held shut by a plank of wood across the back and tape over the pre drilled holes to stop cold air coming through them. sigh.

We still need to prime the door and then of course finish it off with our color of choice and hardware but I love the style of it. It will look amazing once its done.For the door color  I went with  the Sherwin Williams  Resilience Acrylic  Latex exterior paint in gloss finish and  Scarlett (SW2907) is the color.

As you can see its a bright bold red and  it shouldn’t fade too much (which is a major problem with red doors we have been told) as its protected from direct sunlight by the awning. We were also told to use a light grey primer which allows the red pigment to shine through better than putting a white primer on the door, apparently the white can make the red appear more pink in tone.

Finally Adrian framed up around the garage door. This last piece of work has really made the house look so close to being done, and it means we were able to get the garage door guy around to measure up and hopefully install a door soon which would provide easier access to the tools and equipment that we have to lock away behind plywood every night!

There’s still some missing elements.. a bit of siding on the top, final coat of paint,  lighting for the awning and of course steps to actually get in the house! These finished touches will all come in the next few weeks. Yippee!

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