The Pool Strikes Again..

23 Sep

We had a situation recently where the pool pump wasn’t working quite right, I mentioned to Jon that we should try to claim it on the home insurance before it ran out and then we got distracted by a) new baby and b) a 4 week trip to the UK. Of course when we got back the insurance had expired and then about a week later the pool pump totally died on us!

Fast action was required in order to stop the water going all green and stagnant again, especially as we had only just gotten ourselves removed off the Marin county watch list for hazardous pools!! Apparently the previous owners filled the pool with trash and dirty water and left it like that for so long that the worst kind of mosquitos you can get in the world developed right here in our garden, the Western Nile ones!!! Subsequently the county took over the maintenance of the pool and were trying to keep an eye on it. As the new owners of the property it was one of the first things we tackled (more for our own health than anything) and then we havent really done much else on it as it requires a total remodel.

So here we were shopping for a new pool pump despite being broke from our trip and my not being quite back at work yet!!  A ton of cash later and we have this…

and i’m not even talking about the full thing – just the small black pump at the bottom of the image! To put it into context here’s the piece we replaced…this was over 20 years old!!!

To save some installation  money Jon decided to do it himself, and it kind of was going well……

until I went to check on his progress at the very moment one of the pipe joints exploded and we were both soaked with water! A quick call t our regular pool guy and all was well again. Its now working perfectly and is super efficient, up to 90% more efficient than the one we had before. So I should start to see those electric bills come down a little more 🙂 We also,  in fitting the new equipment, finally tore down the ragged old shed that was housing it. So yes its now exposed but its got to be better to look at than the dumpster shed that was there before – I am chalking this one up as progress!!

After spending all that money on the pool and it still being a little too cold to swim in regularly we decided to continue the splurge and go for the solar pool cover. This cover attracts the sun rays and retains the heat into the pool so that the water is warmed. The longer it’s on the more the water is warmed which is great really given that we are only finding the time to swim at weekends currently.

Again we opted for the self installation route and this took Jon the best part of a day. But I’m happy to say its all working perfectly and no one was injured in the process.

And yes- the pool is now warm enough for me to dip my toes into!

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