Week 31 Roundup: Going Offline and Trash.

9 Oct

I’m a bit behind in posting these round ups. Largely in part to the fact that we have had no internet for over a week. How can this be in this era of connectivity 24:7 I hear you ask?? Well when your husband CUTS THRU THE WIRE that provides any link to the outside world it can take a while to get it up and running again!!! Apparently there was 4 wires in a box only one of which was the live one…so Jon took a gamble and cut one (he was trying to cut the dead ones I hasten to add). Yep, he cut the live one. So now no Internet.

We took this opportunity to make a fresh start and to rid ourselves of the horrific expense that has been Direct Tv. At the last count our bill was $180 a  month for TV ALONE!!! Insane. So we surveyed the options which went something like Comcast? nah done that, Direct TV? Too expensive..Dish network? Never….so ATT U-verse it is then….Yes we signed a deal with the devil that is ATT.

So far its been good, but lets give it time..at least now we have a home phone so when cell phones go missing (regular occurence) and we can’t get hold of grandparents there’s still a way to reach people at home!!

Moving onto house progress there’s been quite a push this week. We have Cedar siding on the front now, the house is looking, dare I say it almost habitable!

It’s all on the side and in the overhang which also has electrics!! Wahoo, soon enough we will be able to see where we are walking up to our very own front door !! Yes its the little things now that keep us happy.

Speaking of being able to walk in your own front door, getting into the house this week has been a challenge to say the least. Previously we’ve been entering vis the left side and the back door..but this happened to that route this week..

Try getting a baby in a stroller down there!!! So then we look to the right side of the house…..

If you don’t mind climbing over rubble then this is the route of choice right now. Its ridiculous. You have to scale a mountain of dirt and concrete on the front yard to even get onto the path to go to the right part of the house and then you have to weave your way through this mess slowly avoiding pipes, nails and dirt and the giant spider webs that form over every hanging part of the garden this time of year. As you can imagine this quickly became tiresome and a plan for clean up is rapidly in place…more on that next week.

Finally this week we installed a garage door having finally lost the will to live with replacing plywood sheets over the garage EVERY NIGHT. Adrian was super happy with this development as let’s be honest it was him putting the plywood back on every night. It also adds another level of security to the house taking away one less entrance for unwanted folks to get into. We opted for a  really plain door as we didn’t want anything to compete with the other features on the house. Again the door isn’t painted and we are having some debate over whether to go light or dark with it so for now its staying as it is!

It was quite a simple process once we selected the door and ordered it, it was here in 5 days and in less than 2 hours…

taaadaa we had a working door. Jack loved it, he thought it was a game to try to get in the garage before the door shuts. Bless him – this is a kid who thinks picking up rusty nails is fun!

The renovation train keeps slowly chugging along. I have to admit it feels like we are climbing up a very steep mountain right now and progress feels slow but I keep uttering my mantra…”it will all be worth it in the end”.

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