Let it Rein…

6 Nov

As the weather has just started to turn here in California (and by that I mean it’s no longer 80 degree days!!) my mind has started to think about the holidays and how we will be celebrating in the money pit! My first inclination was to run away, book a vacation somewhere as the thought of living in a building site during the holiday season  is not very appealing but its our baby’s first Christmas and Jon has assured me that he will do his best to have the house as finished and nice as possible for this season.

As we’ve never really been able to do it properly before, I’d like to decorate the house.  My toddler loves all the kitsch (he just pulled out the nutcracker in Nov!)  and it makes the house feel homely and warm so I started scouting around for little accents that we could bring home. I found a ton but I thought I would collect them in theme’s , this one being Reindeer’s and what’s not to love about a reindeer????

These plates from West Elm are  in beautiful colors and offer a nice holiday meal touch without being too garish.



This Reindeer door mat is super cute.




A Papier Mache Reindeer??  Oh yes!!!


Um Reindeer candles?? Maybe not so much!


I could go on and on but I think you get the idea…… I’m off to search for santa’s next!







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