A Stylish Flor

9 Nov

Looking for a rug for my toddler’s room has been a challenge. Kids rugs tend to be garish and not particularly stylish or modern, they also get beaten up so paying a ton for a rug that’s tough to clean wasn’t appealing either. So I hit upon the idea of putting FLOR tiles in my eldest’s rooms. He needs something soft  but durable to play on and at first I had dismissed carpet tiles as my 1980’s experience of them wasn’t great (scratchy thin carpet anyone??) but these are completely different. Because you can pull up the individual tiles they are super easy to clean and or replace if starting to wear out which is definitely a good idea when it come to little boys!

Here’s some ideas of how you can use the Flor tiles.

They have a range called ‘Rake Me Over’ that’s particularly soft with a longer pile and would be great in a kid’s bedroom.  Using their “Flor Builder” design tool I have landed on this design…

Simple but colorful stripes that will pick up the blue and green of the map wall perfectly. The only negative is that they aren’t the cheapest option out there,  this 8×10 rug is going to come out  at about $500 but the ability to switch the design around and clean and remove worn tiles makes it worthwhile for high traffic areas. I’ve ordered my swatch kits to make sure of the quality before I commit to a order but I’m pretty excited by this so far!

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