Week 33 to 35: The Waiting Game

10 Nov

As with all things in life there are times when things move fast, and then times when things go really slowly. These past few weeks have been mostly a waiting game as we wait to get the permit for the new extension for a larger dining area and family room at the back of the house that we finally decided to press ahead with. We had a flurry of activity in getting the drawings and structural plans done and then we submitted them. We cant proceed until we have the  permit as we need the inspector to pass the concrete foundation forms (see below) before we pour and so we are stuck!

And here’s what we are stuck with, mounds of dirt!

It turns out the ground where we were digging was particularly rocky so not only did it take forever but now we have piles of rubble to move. We would get rid of it but the intention is that we can use it to fill in another space in the garden where we are going to extend a retaining wall, so for now its staying put outside the back door and our only entrance right now!

We have been able to press on and do some small things whilst waiting for the permit. The front entrance stairs were poured and have set tho the door is still not useable (much to my chagrin!).

It still has boxes of our stuff piled high against it on the inside and we havent painted or installed the door hardware. And as you can see in the image above the stairs were poured but there’s a big ditch surrounding them that we will have to fill in with gravel till we decide what we are doing landscaping wise on the front. We also don’t have a handrail yet and I don’t want toddlers climbing up these stairs till we have one!

The drywall in the rooms upstairs has been installed but not finished as yet again we cannot proceed with this till its been inspected and so the rooms upstairs are on pause (another frustration!!).

We are dealing with a few small pieces like putting in the window sills before the drywallers come back and clean everything up. The conversation on how deep should a window sill be went something like this….. “how deep should the window sills be?” “deep enough for a cup of tea to sit on of course!”

We also decided to finish off the cedar on the front of the house as rain has been forecast and it’s not yet watertight. Once you get water stains on cedar its hard to get them off, they have to be sanded down which isn’t ideal.  The cedar had been nailed  in and then the nail holes were covered up with a filler and sanded down.

We still have to add in some stucco on the very bottom of the house underneath the cedar to finish off the front but there’s some debate about how far down we go with that as there’s a concrete barrier from the old brickwork in the way. Do we extract it to get the finish we want (at quite a cost) or work around it?

And that’s been it for the past 3 weeks. Jon and I have both been super busy at work and with the kids so the house seems to have fallen by the wayside. Its a very frustrating situation as it feels like we are so close to being done with phase 1 (getting to live upstairs) but at the same time there’s so much process and so many hurdles to jump through before we can do that and start phase 2. My new goal is to be in the rooms upstairs before Xmas but at this rate even that might be a challenge!

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