Week 35-37 Roundup : Paint Paint and more Paint

28 Nov

We are STILL waiting for our permit approval to come through to crack on with the back of the house extension. We have had to provide some extra info and  extra drawings which have taken longer than we thought. We also narrowly avoided having to do a BPI energy audit on the house which we argued would have been pointless given that so much of it is still wide open and under construction. I think its safe to say we know that right now our house isn’t quite as energy-efficient as it could be, or will be!

However Jon has been ploughing on with the mountain of detail paint work that needs finishing. The upper bays needed a second coat, and the siding on the front needed another coat too so he built yet more scaffolding at the front of the house and set off to get it done asap. The  front downstairs bay needed a coat of paint on it too. The rush is on for this as some of these boards only had primer on which could leave them exposed to water damage etc if another rainstorm wants to head our way.

Its amazing what a difference the painting of the bays is making. We can really see how our color scheme is coming together. We are by no means decorating experts and its been really tough to know if we were making the right choices with the house colors. In the end we went with our gut feeling and are for the most part super happy with it.

We also tackled the front door finally this weekend to get it a)operational and b) looking good!

First up was priming it. We chose a grey primer because this works particularly well with Red, it helps the red to hold its true color.

After much debate Jon decided to buy some  good paint brushes to paint the front door rather than have it airbrushed  which would have given a super smooth finish but cost a fair bit and we felt it wasn’t totally necessary for the door.

Jack has been desperate to get involved with the construction so once it came time to paint on the red he was willing to lend a hand !

As mentioned previously here  we chose a Sherwin Williams paint specially formulated for exteriors called Scarlett.  The red has a slight more pinky tone to it than we first thought but it makes it nice and bright and it stands out really well against the grey. Once two coats were applied we let it dry and added on the draft proofing around the door frame and the hardware went on and voila! A finished front door…

Jon was glad to get out of his painting overalls finally having been in them for most of the weekend!

The other exciting thing (well in our world its exciting!!) that happened this week was that the drywall was inspected  and approved which meant we could crack on and finish the  upstairs bedrooms and bathroom…woot woot! Benito and his crew worked tirelessly to get all the mudding and taping done in one day  and then they came back to sand and finish a couple of days later.

The dust that is created from this process is unbelievable and its pretty rough living in the house whilst its going on,but we sealed off the upstairs so that no-one was exposed to the dust and spent most of that day out of the house (not an easy thing to do with a toddler and a baby!).

These rooms are now ready for painting and decorating and then the flooring can get sanded and stained. We also were able to order in our blinds this week as we needed the drywall in to be able to measure the blind needs accurately, they take 3 weeks to get made and then installed so we have to order them now to have them for Xmas and we can’t move upstairs without any window coverings!

The push is on to move upstairs before Xmas, we shall see if we can meet this challenge!!!

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