Kids Art’s & Craft Station

4 Dec

In my old age I am becoming a bit of a neat freak. I must have a place for everything and have it labeled, which in a renovation is nearly impossible to do and is driving me crazy as you can imagine!

I really need to create a place for all the boys arts & craft materials which are currently sitting in an overflowing brown cardboard  box (well what isn’t in our house these days!!) and the contents typically get dumped on the floor to find that elusive pair of scissors or something.

I read an awesome article in Martha Stewart’s living magazine that offered up such a solution.  Using this cabinet from Ikea in bright red as the base. I love its  retro school locker style.

And then filling it with handy bins like these  from Home Depot. The turquoise will look gorgeous with the red locker and the fabric of the material wont scratch up the locker.

And maybe some smaller organisers for pens and crayons, the container store is a wonderland for things like this. Use a magnetic strip to attach them to the doors of the locker.

And  done….. a well-organized  arts and crafts locker that keeps thing off my kitchen floor!!

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