Week 37- 40 Roundup: Seeing the World and Staining!

21 Dec

This week I learnt to wallpaper.  I learned about “booking”…which is when you fold the paper over and allow it to curate a while before sticking it on the wall (10 mins each piece) … and I learnt how to sequence the paper on the wall for the cleanest fit. Check me out with my new knowledge!!

The map came in 8 pieces but due to the size of the wall and the door being in one area we only needed 6. We had to decide which countries got cut! Unfortunately Australia, China and most of Asia didn’t make the grade! We started with the middle upper piece and worked outwards and then down from there.

The tricky part was lining up the pieces exactly and accounting for some shrinkage too. We had to line up each country outline, grid lines, names and even some flight paths!!!!  We also learnt the hard way that you can’t trim it when its wet as the paper will rip (oy!!)  and that you have to crease it away from the ceiling and adjoining wall or it will stick to them and pull off the paint!

Now that its dry I can see some areas where we didn’t quite get it exact but on the whole I think it’s looking pretty darn good, not bad at all for a first ever wall paper effort. And more importantly Jack loves it. Already he is asking what’s that and who lives where and it brightens his room up no end.

Once this was tackled (we had to get this on before the floors were sanded and stained as we figured we would make a mess with the paste – boy were we right on that one! ) Jon was free to spend some time finishing up outside so we can finally remove the scaffolding that is preventing us from entering via the front door!

He started by sanding down the cedar to cover the filler we’d put into the nail holes. It had to be smooth so that it wouldn’t show up when we stain them.

Here’s the stain itself destroying yet another of my tupperware containers!

It looked pretty dark in the tub, and even darker once Jon started putting it on. There was a moment of panic when we first saw it as it looked almost black:

But within a few hours the stain had started to soak into the wood and was looking a lot lighter and was allowing the grain to show through. There’s still some work to be done on patching up around the nail holes and finishing the underside of the bay but already its finishing off the look of the house.

Check out our almost final  scheme for outside..its starting to look sooo good!

One Response to “Week 37- 40 Roundup: Seeing the World and Staining!”

  1. Dad December 21, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    Looking good Sam…………really good!!! Have a great xmas, Dadxxx

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