Week 41-43 Roundup: More Stains!

23 Dec

I just realized that my weeks are off as I am writing this with only a week left in the year – so somewhere along the way we lost 6 weeks!! My only excuse is that I am putting it down to baby brain. Anyhow the work we did remains the same even if we are not exactly correct date wise ūüôā

We had a major breakthrough these past 2 weeks as the upstairs floors were finally sanded and stained which means ¬†we can begin to move upstairs just in time for Christmas! Its been a bit rough, ¬†you have to empty out these rooms and although we weren’t really up there we did have my mum staying in one of the rooms. She’s been a great sport and has spent the last week sleeping on my toddlers upper bunk!

And where did we store all this extra furniture? Well where else but in the stairwell!!

Felix, our awesome floor guy, started off by sanding down the boards to make them smooth and so that any joins disappeared. Sanding is noisy and dusty and we had to vacate the house for the full day while this was going on. It took him about a day and a half to sand down all the floors and then he prepped them for staining.

Jon was away working so the color of the floor decision was left to me and I was terrified about getting it wrong! It takes 20 years for this stain to wear off so I figured I’d better be sure. Felix put a bunch of colors on a board for me and I spent a good 12 hours ¬†deliberating over which one to go for.

In the end I followed my gut and went for the dark color on the far left of the above picture. Its called coffee brown and ¬†its a very rich dark brown with black undertones that come out in the grain of the wood. Here’s a close up of the stain but the color doesn’t look quite so dark on this image….

It took Felix about 2 days to finish the staining and then he applied the sealant. We chose a heavy traffic one ¬†which is the same as the kind ¬†that they put on basketball courts! Despite it being 3x more expensive than the regular kind we figured it would be perfect for our energetic boys!! The smell was quite overwhelming despite us using a low VOC stain¬†so all weekend we’ve had the doors and windows open, which in the dead of winter, is pretty tough to deal with. I’m getting so tired of having to wear a jacket inside my own house!

We havent been allowed to go upstairs yet and experience the floor as it still needs 24 hours before we walk on it and another 2 days before we put furniture on it (gahhh!!). I did however wriggle up under the painters screens at the top of the stairs and manage to snap these sneak peeks…

eeeep! It looks so¬†good, the grain ¬†has come out beautifully and the color is so rich. I cant wait to get the baseboard’s on and move on upstairs. Having space again will literally revolutionize the way we have been living.

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