Week 44 Roundup: Merry Chaos!!

22 Jan

We’re  bit late putting this post out due to the new year coming at us with a bang…really I thought life might slow down a bit but its defo worth sharing. In our infinite wisdom we decided that the week before Xmas was the perfect time to move all our stuff upstairs which meant we had to:

1. install the blinds for privacy

2. seal the back doors from the cold and being open!

3. finish the electrics and install smoke detectors

4. get the baseboard’s painted and installed

5. paint Charlie’s room AND let it dry

6. move all our furniture upstairs and then

7. re-jig downstairs so that visiting grandparents have a place to sleep!

8. and clean out the real front guest room so that we can drywall in there shortly in the new year.

9. clean up the front of the house so that our guests had a way to enter!

We had 2 days to do this, including Xmas eve which is when we also decided to host a get-together for all our friends to come over AND then we had to pack up for our 15 hr road trip to Jackson Hole (I know, insane right??) also we decided to move Christmas up a day so that Santa can come on Christmas Eve morning for the kids?? Um yeah that’s quite a lot to get done in 2 days.

Here’s the move upstairs in progress – can you say chaotic???!!!

The cluttered mess of a living room.

Yes, this is our kitchen.

A different view of the current kitchen/dining area.

Of course we didn’t get everything on our list done..but we came close!  We achieved 1. 2. 3. (kind important!) and 6 & 9. ..not bad I feel and at least the house livable and warm! We also kept Christmas on its proper day as in the end it was just too much to try and squeeze that in and we wanted the kids to enjoy the day – it was Charlie’s first one after all.

Happy  (belated!) Holidays!

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