Looking Back: 2011

23 Jan

2011 was a HUGGEEE year for our family. Not only did we begin one of our biggest projects EVER, we lived through a ton of stress and drama and we also expanded our family to 4. These are  my highlights of the year….

Starting the year off with a bang, demo-ing the upstairs!

Living with the back of the house like this for months!

Getting upstairs drywalled was a major moment.

The arrival of our gorgeous baby boy during one of the biggest storms SF has ever seen!

Living in a plastic wrapped house.....for longer than should be legal!

Getting windows and siding- finally we were watertight!

Escaping the house for a much needed 4 week break to the UK to see family & friends.

Moving into our bedrooms upstairs after sharing for a year!

Ending the year with some family fun on the slopes.

Wow what a year, we laughed and yes we cried, had some moments where it didn’t seem like things would ever work out and yet here we are, we survived our first year of renovation.   The next question is – how many more years are still to come???!!

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