Return from Altitude

24 Jan

I had the great fortune to attend the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City this year on behalf of my company Blurb. I was pretty excited as it was going to be a fun 3 day event  filled with workshops, seminars and parties and it would offer me some great advice for growing and progressing this blog. It was also going to be my first time away from Charlie which was worrying and thrilling all at once (hello hotel room by myself for 3 sleep filled nights!!).

I needn’t have worried. The boys were great, Charlie is sleeping better than ever and I had a fabulous time (3 very fashionable parties in 3 nights and 150 business cards to sort through…phew!) and came back so inspired to keep writing. The folks there are so passionate about what they do, they love design & fashion, art and style and I got to meet so many interesting and talented people.  It was overwhelming and exciting all at once and I now have a to-do list a mile long.

I also discovered some great new design blog reads so as a fan of renovations and all that goes along with it I thought I would share some of my new faves:

The House Of Brinson   This married couple is experts in  food photography and produce some pretty incredible images that you can totally drool over. Plus they were super sweet and stoked to meet someone from Blurb which is always nice.

Rambling Renovators   Run by Jennifer who is based in Toronto this blog chronicles their renovations on their home. I love that she is about 3 years ahead of me in terms of house progress, it gives me so much hope!!

Emily Henderson    This lovely lady won a TV show called Design Star and now presents a show on HGTV, she loves vintage furniture and has an awesome eye….oh and did I mention that she was super nice to me and we totally chatted??!!!

Mimi + Meg  I was a fan of this blog before I met Meg and then she told me how perfectly styled I was and that she loved my top… so she’s totally awesome and now I’m a  fan for life, nuff said!!!

Bright Bazaar  written by Will an ever so nice young chap from the UK who has a love for color. He’s very stylish.

To sum up here’s some random snaps from my 3 days away….

The minted wall of images

Ben the CEO of Pinterest doing his thing

Me & the lovely Em Henderson hanging out at the Blurb party

Bloggers love to breakdance, apparently

The amazing chandeliers at The Grand America hotel.

The Blurb party at Alt.

Telling my story at the blurb party

My partner in crime Eileen and myself kicking back w some champagne after a LOONNNGGG day!

P.s If you came to the blurb party at Alt you can grab your pictures from here.

3 Responses to “Return from Altitude”

  1. Jordan Shutt January 26, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    I found you on the alt site, hey! Me and my sequin skirt made it on your blog! If not only for that reason I’ll be stopping by quite often, I like it here :].

    • Samantha January 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

      Thanks Jordan for stopping by – we like you too!!!

  2. Alex T February 12, 2012 at 6:05 am #

    I finally got a chance to read through this post and follow the links you shared! It looks like you had a fantastic time! I have already marked my calendar for next year though it too will be my first time away from the new babe, if it all works out!

    And thanks for adding my blog to your list! I am honored!

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