Our House,Year Two: Week 3

2 Feb

Its been a while since I posted what’s been going on at home and you’d be forgiven for thinking that we havent been doing anything to the house..which was true until the last 2 weeks!  After having the Xmas break off we came home in the new year and well got busy with life…the house had to wait a bit as we were both super busy at work and settling the kids back into routine. But all is back on track now and  we have been able to focus on the house.

We also had a few permit challenges getting the extra 4ft that we were pitching for approved there was a LOT of back & forth with the planning dept about wall width.  The drawings had to be redone and then edited a couple of times but finally we got the call that all was approved and the permit was ready to roll. Then we had to get the inspector to come and approve the foundation that we’d built whilst waiting to get the permit (yeah we took a chance that it would get aok’d and typically I would NOT recommend doing this but we got lucky!!).

The extension foundation pre-concrete and approval!

Finally we got the green light and scheduled the concrete truck. We also needed to hire a pump as we had to get it round the back of the house. the truck arrived and started pumping and disaster struck, the mix was too dry and it immediately got stuck in the pump.  Cue 45 mins of frantic wetting the mix and jabbing at the pump with a stick (ok that’s a non contractor’s view of what was going on!!) and finally the blockage was freed and we were able to get the concrete flowing.

The extension foundation, post pour.

That minor stress over, the concrete was set and ready within 12 hours, so, bright and early the next day Adrian came and started to knock off the  wooden form work before it got stuck.

Whilst the back of the house moved ahead we also did some odd jobs inside the house.  The arrival of Jon’s dad to stay again for a while has meant that we have someone on site to lead the charge on the house. His first task was to clear up the job site that had  (under Jon’s leadership I might add) fallen into total and utter chaos! This of course meant a new temp wooden structure was required on site as a place to store all the materials that were set to arrive any day soon.

My first words were when I saw it…that is temporary right??!! Ironically these were also echoed by the inspector!

Its temporary, I can assure you!

David then cracked on with finishing off the baseboards in the upstairs bedrooms as we had been in such a rush to get up there that we moved in without them. He painted and cut them all to the exact size, and then nailed and glued them into place. Apart from the pressure it puts on your knees and having to make sure you get your measurements exactly right, this is one of those easy to do yourself jobs that just requires some patience.

Our finished baseboards, they need touching up but are soo good.

Its finished off the rooms nicely and all they need now is a final lick of paint to cover up some of the stains from getting the floors done.

Its full steam ahead now with the building of the extension and getting the formal lounge re-done. Next up will be the framing and some beam support work and then we are knocking existing walls down..again…in winter!!!

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