Our House,Year Two: Week 4

6 Feb

The extension pressed on this week with the removal of the old wooden stairs and Deck that will be replaced with our new master bathroom and closet! I was soo happy to see the end of these wooden stairs – they were unsafe and looked horrendous and it feels like a major milestone has been achieved that they are now gone. We just have to figure out how to get rid of all the old concrete that was on this side of the house.

No more rickety old wooden stairs!

Here’s a view of the house with no deck so you can see the full-scale of what’s going on- it’s quite amazing really. It’s at times like this that I remember this is more than just a lick of paint folks! This is MAJOR construction work going on right here and we are living in the middle of it.

It’s a go big or go home kind of project!

But it is somewhat worrisome that we have two unlocked doors in our bedroom that basically lead into a giant drop right now….here’s hoping no-one develops sleep walking issues anytime soon in our house. Oh yeah and plastic – not so insulating against these cold Feb nights so extra thick blankets have been employed along with a large amount of co-sleeping with the kids!

See the 2 bits of plywood? That's our bedroom right there!

These are the big heavy beams that we need to install to build out the extension and support the rest of the house basically. It’s quite complex work, has to get done before anything else can go up and these  massive heavy things need to be inserted to lie flush with the new ceiling. Glad I’m not on point for this task.

This is a 4 man job.

Then we also started demo work on the formal living room just to complicate matters. The drywall in there was old  & damaged  from the whole “no roof”  phase of our lives and so it needed tearing down. Our drywall team had an opening in terms of being able to come and re-do it so this project got moved up the chain. The negative is that we have no living space…so all the sofas & chairs etc  moved into the temp office and the two entrances were sealed off to prevent dust from getting through.

Our lovely formal living room...in progress.

Ripping out the drywall also means that we can install new electrics in this room and prep a space for a fireplace. Although I had stated from the start that I wanted a fireplace we hadn’t really paid it any attention in terms of what will it involve (err chimney & gas line anyone??). With the walls coming back to the bare studs it was time to do focus on that and get shopping (more on that later!).

David has been on demo duty for most of this week and he’s really getting into the spirit of it…its hard & dusty work but kind of fun tearing it all down. This is likely to be the last demo of its kind for a few months I think, or is that more of an I hope??!!

Gaffer senior.

One Response to “Our House,Year Two: Week 4”

  1. Pauline Hardinge February 8, 2012 at 6:09 am #

    Rome wasn’t built in a day!! I have lived my whole life renovating homes, enjoy everyday whatever the mess especially with those two beautiful boys. Just completed the bathroom after what nearly 20 years of a little of this or that, now the whole thing has changed. Will send you photo as you might just remember it. Love Pauline

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