Splurge vs Steal: Hang It All Hook

7 Feb

I adore this   Eames “Hang it all” hook, let’s face what don’t I love that Eames has done??!!  I’d love to put them in my kids rooms as they are fun and bright  and its a great piece of design but the reality is that my kids would trash them…probably by swinging off them.  So I was  super happy to see a cheaper version from the Land of Nod. Yes, its a total knock off of the Eames hook, but at $15 its a LOT more practical for a kids room.

Eames "Hang it All " hook

Land of Nod kids hook

One Response to “Splurge vs Steal: Hang It All Hook”

  1. Rachael June 14, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    If you love the Hang-It-All, I found a GREAT steal of a deal at out local TJMaxx when browsing for some clients and their mid-century bathroom remodel- they have the same hook in an “over-the-door” style for only $9.99! Items vary by location, but worth a browse for anyone looking for a similar item.

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