The Novogratz & CB2 Collaboration

15 Feb

Two of my fave design sources are joining together to create a range of pieces for the modern home.  Bob & Courtney Novogratz are going to be designing a range of furniture for CB2.

I love the design ethos of Bob & Courtney, they like to mix vintage stuff with modern pieces, affordable and high-end art and it creates a very warm and collected feel to their spaces. It also helps that they too have renovated  several homes whilst raising 7 kids so if they can do it – I’m sure we can manage with 2!

A Gym Space the Novogratz's redesigned.

A fun bachelor pad

I’m pretty excited about this collaboration as the Novogratz’s have an incredible design eye and CB2 has some of the best modern furniture at incredibly affordable prices I’ve found yet.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come….

The Family Rug.

This family rug was featured in one of their Home by Novogratz shows and it really caught my eye as a great piece we could use in our family room (where else??!!!). They were also the original source of my copper pendant obsession – just amazing.

If you want to learn more, follow CB2  and The Novogratz’s on Twitter. The collection is due to hit the stores in the fall.

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