@Anthropologie Goodies

16 Feb

There’s something about the way Anthropologie presents their homewares that makes you want to move into their stores, like  right now! They are brilliant at presenting their wares in a way that makes you just want to buy them all.

This vintage armoire is wonderfully stacked with glasses and plates, our house will be more modern in terms of the kitchen but I’d love a vintage sideboard or even an armoire to display my ever-growing pottery and  glass collection in.

Buy us all...now!

This vase is awesome with its contrasting color scheme and its a bargain at only $28.00. I can see this looking bright and bold on some white shelves – I even like how layered having a few together looks.

Turquoise & Red - a perfect color combination.

Pretty Pretty Glasses & Ceramic Horse Head.

Finally you can always rely on Anthropologie to have a fabulous lamp or two – this base I found is simply gorgeous and not too expensive at $298.00.

This color combo is incredible

Once I decide on a final color scheme for the formal lounge & kitchen I can see a trip or two to Anthro coming up!

2 Responses to “@Anthropologie Goodies”

  1. Alex T February 16, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    I was a Visual Manager for Anthropologie and I miss doing the displays in the home section! Vintage pieces and found objects are great ways to store collections and create unique storage spaces! The Alameda Flea market was one of the places I found great things for the store.

    • Samantha February 17, 2012 at 11:25 am #

      I’m hoping to get out to Alameda in the next few weeks to check it out – I love vintage furniture shopping!

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