Renovation Realities (and other things I wish I’d known before…) No.1: There will be dust.

18 Feb

As we are about 18 months into what currently feels like a life long renovation I thought I’d start to share some of the realities of renovating a home. I think in the past here on this blog i’ve perhaps glossed over some of the  difficulties and hardships that a renovation can cause so this series of posts is going to put that right…I’d hate to think I was mis-leading anyone into thinking this process was all sweetness & light!!!

Number 1. There will be dust. Lots of it. 

A house made of dust. Literally.

Like in places you never even thought it could get (my bed??!!). Your clothes will get covered in it and your furniture will get ruined. It will take you forever to clean it up by which point it will have returned and you will have to start from scratch. Over and over.  You will spend a fortune on Swiffer’s in the fight to hold your ground, and you will lose. Your incredibly expensive Dyson that you treated yourself too will be reduced to a job site vacuum and will never quite function properly again. The dust will win for now.

It wont matter what project you are doing in the house, there will be dust, debris, particles.

So accept the dust as an inevitable fate for now – buy as many dust busters as you can, clean up frequently, pray you don’t get allergies and repeat this mantra “It will be over soon, it will be over soon”.

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