Our House,Year Two: Week 6

20 Feb

This week was framing,framing and more framing…with a bit of fireplace building thrown in for good measure.

The framing on the back of the house moved really quickly this week. Again this is one of those things that we leave to the experts as its well out of our knowledge  zone (this might be my biggest tip ever when it comes to renovating- know when to ask for help!!). Adrian is a master carpenter and took the  house from this:

Wide open.

to this towards the end of the week….

Adding the roof on the extension

and  finally this in the space of a short week.

Just waiting for the sliding door & window.

Framing is noisy business tho and I was glad to see so much progress made so we could move one. Its been a rough week in terms of noise and I’m sure our neighbors are about ready to throw a brick or two at us with it all.  We can’t finish the outside here till the new sliding doors arrive and the big window for the back but hopefully they will be here in a week or two. The size of the new family room is really visible and its pretty exciting to see it all take shape. Till recently this was all “imagined” space to us so to see it come together is incredible. Its going to be such a great space for us to hang out in and will really become the heart of the home.

We are also building a small roof deck that will be accessible from a door in our master bathroom.

Imagine me as a pretty little roof deck!

This will be a nice vantage point for us to watch the kids playing in the garden (or more for me to yell at them to come in for their dinner!). It also helps us out in terms of meeting fire safety laws as now we have an escape route  from the master bathroom which means no fire ladder is needed to be built into the wall- hooray!

The other major thing that happened this week as Adrian put the large Stairwell window in place. The difference this has made to the stairwell is incredible, there’s so much light in there now and it offers you a great view of the garden which will be amazing once there’s something nice to look out onto!

Here’s the spot where the window was going:

Insert window here.

It’s a massive window and when it arrived on site we thought we’d actually made a mistake. But once it was in it looked great.

Long and lean!

And from the inside it looks even better!

Hello Light

Of curse it’s not finished yet – there’s some drywall patching that needs to happen around it and then the whole wall will need re-skimming and painting but you can see where we are going with this stairwell now! Imagine a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the floors redone and shining…its going to look awesome!

We also finished the front living room this week thank goodness. I was getting tired of doing this every time I wanted to walk through the lounge…

Zip, step and dont trip.

I know the dust sheets have a purpose and boy did we need them but  they are a pain in the butt. Try carrying a baby and shopping through one of those things – not easy I can tell you!

Still it meant the drywallers worked in peace this week and the chimney breast went from this ….

Cement board on and ready for stucco.

To this ..

Stucco being applied to the chimney breast.

We decided to stucco the breast in a concrete color and then we will tile the inside of the fireplace with a black subway tile. This gives us the most flexibility to do what ever we want color scheme wise in this room as we havent made any decisions on this yet. Once again drywall and stucco were best left to the experts (speed and quality finish v/s cost!!) so we had Benito and his crew do the room for us.

Tada! A finished formal living room - minus new flooring!

To finish off the room was primed and painted ready for us to move back into. We still have some electrics to finish off and of course the new flooring to do in here, which wont happen till the extension is done as we will do it all in one go  and likely will have to be out of the house when that happens!

Finally the last and most important thing that happened this week was that our eldest son Jack turned 4!

The Birthday Boy

We celebrated with a bash for all his friends (and ours!) at a local indoor bounce house because of course the house is still off-limits to little ones who aren’t our own!

Happy Birthday  to our sweet big boy – we love you lots!

3 Responses to “Our House,Year Two: Week 6”

  1. margaretedith February 22, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Wow! It’s really starting to look like a house lives in there! Very exciting!

    • margaretedith February 22, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

      Also, I just had to look up what on earth a “chimney breast” could possibly be. Good to know.

      • Samantha February 22, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

        haha yes that will be the Brit coming out in me again!

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