Affordable & gorgeous design from the lovely folks @Madedotcom

22 Feb

I’m feeling a little bit like I just crawled out from under a rock today as I only just discovered this AMAZING  furniture site (thanks to Simply Grove) that sells the most incredible designs. In my defense they are a UK only site, and now of course I am desperately wishing they would ship to the USA  and find myself back to contemplating a massive UK shopping trip and filling a shipping container (seriously I should just do it already – enough talking about it!).

So UK friends, do yourself  and your wallet a favor and check out They have an awesome philosophy – they sell great designed furniture direct to the customer so there’s no expensive middle man  prices.

Great pieces at a great price…I am totally sold and FYI here’s my wish list… in case anyone  feels like shipping me some stuff !

The Branagh tufted ottoman. Simply gorgeous.

Hello my very Tolix looking friends at a THIRD of the price!

The lines & color of this sofa are amazing

Walnut shelves for $350?? are you kidding me??!!

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