Renovation Realities No 2: There will be tears.

25 Feb

I want to preface this by saying I’m not a crier by nature, of course neither is my husband. Being from hardy northern stock (in the UK) we are well adept to keeping our chins up no matter how tough the circumstances, but, even with this solid resolve, there have been times where the house and the mess we live in have gotten the best of me/us.

Imagine this: you run around all day at work 8mths pregnant, dash home picking up the toddler en route, battle traffic and what greets you is a sight that could break even the liveliest spirit. A house with trash on the front lawn and completely wrapped in black plastic. You enter , carefully stepping over a mound of dirt and clutching the pile of bills that were waiting for you in the mailbox and the house, well its cold, freezing cold, because you have no roof and you just had to fire the men who were meant to be building it.  The toddler is whining with hunger and you are so dead tired that you can’t bear to begin cooking on the ancient stove and you aren’t even sure if you have food in the tiny bar fridge. And then it starts to rain, and your thoughts immediately turn to plugging the leaks and all your pans are used to gather the water as it streams in through the open roof, so there’s nothing to cook in anyway when you get back to it. You finally sit down, head in hands.

And the flood gates open. And you cry because you just cant take anymore.

You are tired, cold and hungry and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You hate the house and what it’s doing to your family. You hate the mess and the chaos you live in, that you can’t have friends over and your son can’t have play dates and that you don’t come home during this emotional time to warmth and comfort, and god only knows where the baby will go once he arrives.

So how do you cope? My advice is know that feeling this despair wont happen often. Hopefully only a couple of times will you really lose the will to keep going with the project. And that in the end its nothing that  takeout, a good nights rest and a few deep breaths wont fix…along with repeating your mantra of ” It will all be over soon”!!

Oh and I highly recommend trying to see the funny side of the situation where you can instead of crying, it helps a lot ….tho maybe dont take it as far as this ….

One Response to “Renovation Realities No 2: There will be tears.”

  1. Sophie February 25, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    So sorry Sam, you know you can escape to our house when the going gets tough! How about dinner next weekend?

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