Our House: Year Two, Week 7

28 Feb

Its been another massive week for us  in the house – things are progressing really quickly with the extension which is very exciting to see.

First up was installing and connecting the underfloor heating in the new master bath/closet. The hot water for the house  will run through the red tubes keeping the upstairs nice and cozy. We had to connect all the other pipes that we put down about a year ago with these new ones. We have 4 circuits of pipe running through the upper floor to serve each of the 3 bedrooms, the family bath and now the master. This is painstaking work but it will be worth it when we can step out of bed and onto a nice warm floor.

Underfloor heating being installed

You have to install it at this stage before you put down any sub flooring and then the solid oak flooring will go on top of it. Also its worth remembering to mark carefully on the plywood sub floor the location of the tubing as the last thing you want to do is drive a nail through it and find you have a leak when you finally turn it on. Given that we did the first batch over a year ago I’ll be amazed if there’s no leaks when we do turn it on.

Here’s a snapshot of the master bath/closet are  before any internal framing goes up. Those black plastic bags have kept most of the wind out of our bedrooms but as you can imagine it’s not exactly been super warm recently – it is Feb after all!

Adrian working away

The side of the house has been open  which doesn’t help with the cold bedroom situation but we have the plywood going up on here soon and the window that will go in the master Bathroom wall is already on site. We are still waiting for the door that leads onto the roof deck and a small shower window that we just decided to order to avoid the shower stall being too cave like (I’m picking very dark tiles!!). These are probably 2 weeks away yet from being delivered so we have to live like this a while longer.

A side in progress

Once the underfloor heating was in place and the external framing finished, Adrian was able to begin on the internal framing to separate out the master closet, the master bathroom and we are even carving out space for Charlie’s closet in here too. It fun to see it all coming together but it also means I need to crack on and make some design decisions for the master bath. We are hoping to be able to install a steam shower unit in this master shower to give us that luxurious feel as we don’t have room for a bath tub, but, they don’t come cheap so the budget is being tweaked frantically!

The start of the closet/shower being built

What is exciting though is the thought of FINALLY having our own closet to hang things in. Currently Jon and I are making do with this single rail….

Our current "His'n'Her's " closet!

And this is where I store all my shoes and handbags. Actually tell a lie – this is only a smidgen of my shoe collection as the others are squished into 2 boxes in the garage, I think! I havent seen them for at least a year  and so am well versed now in the art of dressing minimally – as in wearing the same things over and over again!

Not exactly a dream shoe & handbag storage solution.

Adrian had to put in the new framing structure for the family room which meant he had to rip out the bath in the guest bathroom downstairs. They share a connecting wall and we needed to replace some beam work and the bath was in the way. Our poor in-laws who are staying with us are surviving with this as their bathroom….

A guest bathroom view ......the before

I don’t have an after to show you yet – which seems to be the case in the majority of the house these days in that we start something and then move on to other things. I have made some progress on this bathroom in that I picked out the tiles already but I will share that inspiration in another post. Designing two bathrooms at once has been quite the challenge and I found the guest bath much easier  to visualize than the master, probably because I am less emotional about it.

The guest shower - lovely isn't it?

Another long overdue project got moved ahead this week which was the small bump out for the laundry room to bring it in line with the rest of the house.  This can now progress onto being sided and then we can get the drywallers in for the inside and I can finally build this out to be a functional and tidy space. My poor washer & dryer are currently covered in sawdust & debris but have somehow managed to keep going. In our house they are an essential bit of kit and one I most certainly cannot live without so I need to take care of them!!!

A bumped out laundry room.

And finally the family room is really starting to look like, well a room! Its big, much bigger than we thought it would be but it feels great. Its a tad dark due to our decision to not put windows onto the wall you can see but that’s ok given it will be a TV room mostly.

The beginnings of our family room.

Next up is some essential plumbing work and getting the framing inspected so we can move onto installing yet more underfloor heating and pouring the big concrete slab. Oh yes another visit from the concrete truck within a month for us…its all exciting stuff!

And finally the last big development this week in our house is that we have a baby who is well and truly on the move. I’m a little late in recognizing this to be honest as he’s been crawling for about a month now but he’s just taken off speed wise and can pull himself to standing so the danger element of our house just shot up ten fold.

Babies on the move and renovations do not mix - fact!

I think things are about to get a LOT more hectic in the Howe household.

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  1. Dad February 29, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Nice one Sam!

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