Custom doors for your Ikea cabinets.

29 Feb

Our house is being done on a tight budget and so getting a completely custom-made kitchen is just out of the question. We also don’t think its necessary. Ikea cabinetry is pretty well made, they use industry standard sizes and high-end hinges but they don’t offer a ton of choice in terms of the finishes. The doors, the panels and the faces are pretty much set. So what to do if you want more customization?

Enter Semihandmade these guys can custom build doors & panels to fit any Ikea base cabinets – giving you a custom look well for an inch of the price!!

Ikea base, DIY spray color on semi made doors

These panels were used in a bathroom to give a unique color twist to the cabinets.

Walnut door offering

This is something to seriously consider at if you want the look and feel of a custom kitchen but at a third of the price!

One Response to “Custom doors for your Ikea cabinets.”

  1. February 29, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Those blue cabinet doors are awesome… now if only we had an IKEA here!

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