Our House,Year Two: Week 8

14 Mar

To begin: A confession…..I’m 2 weeks behind with these  weekly updates mainly because the computer that has ALL my images on it has been in this state:

Spot the computer

So accessing anything in this room was kinda difficult. But as you will see in week 9 (to follow) we have finally moved on from this stage……..

The house moved on at lightening speed this week. These are the kind of weeks that I really like as it feels like we are getting closer and closer even tho there’s still a good 4 months of solid work still to do!!!  We finally finished framing in the master bath/closet area which meant we were free to focus on the roof deck and extension roofline.

The roof deck required some additional framing to include a slight lift  to it so that there’s a way for the water to drain off it when it rains. What we will do is then waterproof the framing and then add-on the flooring (decking).

Alas this week, out of nowhere,  we  had two days of solid rain so we were back to working under plastic sheets again. We had to seal off the open master bath/closet area and the open deck as it was blowing a terrible gale right outside and we suffered  sleepless night with the plastic sheets rattling loudly all night long. I can’t begin to count the number of 4am conversations Jon and I have had over the last 18 months about the weather and its effect on our sleep!

During the rainy days David was able to spend some time roughing in the plumbing for the master bathroom. We are going to have a steam shower, double sink and toilet in here so planning for that began.

A very exciting plumbing shot!

In the midst of all this Gary, our electrician, popped round one day and finished off the electrics in the formal living room. It was quite the revelation having lights again in this room and not having it be an empty walk through room. We still have no furniture in it  as a) we don’t have a blind for the big window yet so you are completely exposed to the entire street in an evening and b) the heating hasn’t been moved in this room yet  and its connected to the semi open kitchen so it does get a bit chilly in here. I think for now we will keep the “living room” in the office room until we can remedy these two issues.

As all this was going on Adrian decided it was high time he removed stucco from the north gable on the house so that it was ready for the new plywood and Hardie cement board siding.  I can’t say anything exciting about this job other than its messy and loud and the whole house shakes when they are hammering the siding off.

A pretty house view? Not quite yet!

And what to do with all the old stucco that come off the house – well I guess we will be needing yet another grange box….

Our thirteenth debris box load.

It should have been smooth sailing from here on out except once Adrian got into it he found wet rot in one area and live termites in the bottom plate. As soon as we heard the word termites we totally panicked – I mean, that = disaster right? Fortunately not as it turned out that they were baby termites (i’ll spare you a pic of them as they look like maggots!!), so new to the area and were only located in one bit of wood. He removed all the rot, sprayed the area down and replaced  it with some new pressure treated lumber.

With the stucco coming off it also meant that there was a small yellow jacket nest issue to deal with. We had long suspected a nest was forming in the lower roofline of the house which on the right hand side was still semi open, as we could see them regularly flying in and out of this area. With our little guys running around I was not ok about having a nest IN the house, and it would only get bigger as time went on. Now that we were removing the stucco and exposing this part of the house it was the perfect time to deal with the situation before it got out of control.

Armed with a spray that kills them (sorry folks, it really was our only option!) we were advised to use it first thing or towards the end of the day when they are drowsy. Adrian pulled off the stucco near the nest and that got everything buzzing frantically, he quickly sprayed the area and the nest and then let it be whilst it took effect. Within an hour he was able to remove the nest and spray the area one more time to remove any hangers-on and he did it without getting stung once – pretty darn impressive me thinks! Jon and I weren’t around for this bit so unfortunately there’s no photographic evidence of this sting-operation (haha geddit?? sorry!) as we had opted to take the kids out-of-the-way for the afternoon!

Up next  week 9 , year two. sigh!

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