My top ten home design books…

19 Mar

I have literally become obsessed with interior and home design books during the process of this renovation. I have literally read hundreds!  And although I do try to order them in from our local library  (which is a great way to check out how useful a book will be for you) I also seem to find myself buying them at a rate of knots….not only do they have tons of inspirational images in but many have great advice in them too about how to achieve that look.

So here’s my top ten recommendations of books to help you design your home space.

Downtown Chic: Designing your dream home.

1. Downtown Chic : designing your dream home by Bob & Courtney Novogratz

2. Decorate: 1000 design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home by Holly Becker

3. Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney

Room for Children

4. Room for Children: Stylish places for sleep & play by Susanna Salk

5. The Selby is in your place by  Todd Selby

6. Jonathan Adler on happy chic colors by Jonathan Adler

7. Undecorate: the no rules approach to interior design

8. The Green House: new directions in sustainable architecture by Stang & Hawthorne

100 Houses: Modern Designs for contemporary Living

9. 100 Houses: modern designs for contemporary living by Cathy Strongman

10. Modern Glamor : the art of unexpected style by Kelly Wearstler

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