Our House, Year Two: Week 9 & 10

4 Apr

Wow this update has been a long time coming and I’ve combined two weeks into one as these two weeks were besieged by rain. Literally  after a couple days of activity we got NOTHING done for 10 days. and so this update will be short!!!

It was finally time to put the new windows in downstairs… when I last left you with an update on the house this was the office shot.

The office - cant you tell??

The new window on the right hand side of the house was going in but until that happened we had a few days of plywood window coverings.

Our new window- sort of..

And of course the window in the guest room went in too – check out the beauty of this room now, you really want to come and stay with us dont you? Plastic sheeting is an optional extra..

The luxurious guest suite...ahem

Here’s what it looked like from the outside. Its slowly getting there and getting the windows in is the first step to adding on the tyvek wrap and finally the siding which will be great.

Windows in their rightful place.

We did start the siding over near the long stairwell window right next to the laundry but the rain soon put any activity to a stop.

The tiny amount of siding we got on before the rain came..

We heard reports that the rain was coming and would be with us for quite a while, and so major storm prep was required as we were still massively open to the elements.

A new addition to the house.

The side of the house was still exposed as just plywood so once again we wrapped the house in plastic sheeting it was nailed down but still highly flappable – you can imagine how quiet this was in the throes of the storm. I dont think we got any sleep that night!

Our electric panel was also in the middle of an upgrade  (much needed as everytime I blow dry my hair the electrics in the entire upstairs blow!!) , the upgrade has been seriously been hampered by this constant rain as the work cant progress. Personally I think our electrician is TOTALLY unreasonable for not wanting to play with live electrics  in the rain but hey ho – that’s just me 🙂

Waterproofing an open electric panel!

Apparently this rain isn’t going to stop anytime soon so we might be in for a long wait to see some more progress on the house. Till then here’s a sign off image of the back in all its unfinished glory…..Yes we live here.

progress is slow...

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