Vintage shopping at the Treasure Island Flea

19 Apr

I was lucky enough to steal 3 hours to myself this saturday and headed with my friend Sophie (from The MarinScoop blog) to check out what wares were on offer at the Treasure Island Flea Market. I’d been meaning to get to this flea for a long time but really with 2 little kids in tow it’s not an option – they’d get bored easily and then I’m sure a breakage somewhere would occur. Flea markets are best enjoyed by mama alone me thinks!

So we picked  the last week of the market being held inside to check it out – a good job too really as it was raining cats and dogs ALL day. Undeterred we drove the 45 mins over 2 bridges to check out the vintage wares. Shopping at a flea market in the pouring rain has one major benefit – fewer people means better access to bargains for me!

This market is cheap to get into (only $3) and really easy to find. Parking is free and the range of stands inside was wide –  from home-made craft stands to vintage clothing, accessories & household items. Not so much furniture inside but I think that was held outside and likely not getting much attention due to the torrential rain (we didn’t even venture outside to be honest).

I didn’t find much to tempt my wallet this time around but that’s the nature of flea’s. I did see this great old vintage fabric and am regretting not buying it now as I could have had it made into an awesome pencil skirt (but lets be honest, when do I ever wear pencil skirts??!!).

Gorgeous vintage fabric

Prices in the Bay Area for vintage things are famous for being incredibly high  (sidenote: a vintage furniture seller in Utah told me he has a ton of SF buyers coming into town to scoop up all the cheap bargains to re-sell back home for double!!!) so I’m always wary of even asking for a price on items as I’m sure to be disappointed  but I did score a nice deal on a little brass dog for our soon to be lounge.

How could I say no to this guy??

But that was it for my haul for the day. Really I was glad not to be buying masses of stuff as we are at an awkward stage in the renovation where I’m still not sure what we need. However I am hoping to return in the summer when we are more settled and see what other little treasures I can unearth!

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