Our House,Year Two: week 11 & 12

21 Apr

So the time between the house updates is starting to stretch into weeks and we have no excuse other than our insanely busy lives. I just never get time to sit down at the computer that has all the house images on it! But here I am trying to catch up so I am not quite 4 weeks behind anymore…..

This week we started to fix up the laundry space. All along we were planning to extend this to fall in line with the rest of the house  but it had been somewhat de-prioritized what with all the other stuff we’ve had going on. Looking back at the updates I think this might have even happened a week or two before but I am just getting around to mentioning it now! Once all the framing and siding were in place we could start to change the inside.

First up was moving the water heater for a third and final time! David our resident plumber had to disconnect all the pipes yet again,  create a new step for the heater to sit on and make sure it was solid and then shift the heavy tank into its new spot before reconnecting the pipes again and running extra pipe where needed because we cleverly moved the tank away from the old ones…and he had to do this before kids came home from school as there was no water..phew. All in a days work then!

The other big news this week was the roofers came to finish off the extension. Not having a roof on this area was causing a few issues as we couldn’t continue siding the house until this was done. so there was some thumb twiddling happening whilst waiting for the roofers to circle back around to us.

The roof in its before stage...

However once they arrived they got straight on it. Here’s how it was looking within 2 hours of them getting started. Again this is definitely one of those “don’t try this at home” things….I highly recommend getting the pro’s in!

aaand the after shot!

Alas we were not rid of the black plastic draping just yet. With more rain on the horizon we needed to protect the open side of the house and create a waterproof work environment. I’ve said it before but there’s nothing louder than a flapping plastic sheet in high winds at 3am. Trust me on this one.

Homemade scaffolding!

But the siding on this part of the house was coming on a treat, we are halfway to being done. I wont know what to do with myself when the full house is sided and sealed and we have no more air whistling in through open cracks. I will have to sleep with a window open I think!

Here’s a shot from under the black plastic wrapping. It feels warm and cozy right (kidding!!). Jon and David were happy to get the siding to this stage where they were no longer making awkward cuts in it to fit around windows and vents and the like. The whole process is a lot more painful than you would think and it seems to be moving very slowly (my opinion!) tho I’m sure Jon would beg to differ!!

The protected workspace!

And we got some outdoor electrics installed this week too. Woohoo I hear you say. Yeah it’s not super exciting but will be useful when we need to pop outside for anything as at the moment the garden is a black hole death trap at night and you can’t see a thing (note : we currently wear hiking head lamps if late night access to the garden is needed! its dangerous out there!!!). We will also be able to install security lighting finally which will be great – we can see all those pesky raccoons as they attack our garbage bins. As for the fixtures we are looking at getting some barn style lighting. Not very modern I know but they have a great industrial vibe to them which I think will complement the house nicely and add a bit of a different look.

Inagine a cool industrial barn light right here....

And lastly we have electrics in the extended family room & dining area now. Jon was away when this happened and there was some debate as to where the lights should go and what they should be in line with. He had left directions for them to be slightly more towards the window which would have put them at odds with the rest of the room…so I over ruled that decision quick sharpish and had all the lights put in line. This is a classic example of why I am the “design brains”  of this project and he is the “doer”!

Look its lights...all in a row!

And to end on a visual of our daily chaotic living situation…here is the garden and the temp work shed that was built to house all the materials. The garden is a wreck and currently the most child unsafe garden I’ve ever been in…however Jack loves to wander around , climbing over wood and picking up nails. Sigh, this poor child will be massively underwhelmed when we do finally get him a real play structure. It will be far too safe for him!

Random wood? Sure we have that.

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