Design your own Indian Dhurrie….

16 May

There’s a huge buzz around Indian Dhurrie rugs at present as the design piece to add to your home. West Elm, Crate and Barrel and even Urban Outfitters have all jumped on this interior trend. So what exactly is a dhurrie? According to this fabulous site ….

” a dhurrie (the word is sometimes spelled “dari” or “durrie”) is a flat-woven rug indigenous to India and the surrounding regions — Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Burma.  Dhurries are always weft-faced,which means that the warp, or lengthwise threads of the rug, are never visible except at the fringes. Dhurries can be coarsely or finely woven and, best of all, they are reversible.”

I love them as they are the perfect rug for under a dining table, in an office or even in a playroom as they can easily be washed clean. You do need a rug pad with a Dhurrie as they are thin and prone to slipping when on a hardwood floor or tile.

What’s great about this site is that you can design your own dhurrie rug to suit the color palette of your choice  or buy one of the above options that are always in stock. I’m inspired, can you tell I am totally on a blue tip right now??!!

Check out these  designs from Indian

Udai Dhurrie

I  love this mixture of geometric & chevron on this royal blue rug.

Ottoman Tile Dhurrie

And this Moroccan tile print is beautiful…hmm possible guest bedroom option??

Narlai Dhurrie

This bold pattern would look great in an outdoor space.

Do you have a dhurrie in your home and if so where do you use it? let us know in the comments!


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