The perfect laundry?

21 May

The laundry/mud room in our house will be a room that gets used A LOT…with 3 boys in the house the washer & dryer are on almost every single day. And then there’s the dirt from the renovation, from the garden, from the boys in general!!

So I need to be well-organized and make this space as well designed as possible. It’s not big so every aspect needs to be carefully thought out.

There’s no room (or plumbing) for a small sink unfortunately but  we can have the machines sitting side by side, with a counter top on top and a few cupboards/a hanging rail ahead to create laundry central. On the opposite wall  I think there’s enough room for storage/bench/hanging combo  where kids can dump shoes,jackets,bags etc. I’m undecided if this should be like cubbies but I think a better use of the space will be to leave it open.

Here’s my inspiration/ideas so far….

A perfectly organized mini laundry

(image from AM Dolce Vita)
I like how this small space has everything you need in the one place.

Ideal laundry space configuration.

(image from Mini Manor)

We have these exact machines (except in Red) so I can see this layout working perfectly in our home.

What other key elements should be included in a laundry/mud room renovation? Am I missing something?

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