A modern hanging barn door

23 May

I’ve mentioned before that I quite like these doors but the idea is slowly bubbling into an obsession. Something I absolutely want in my home. The hanging barn door – it’s a gorgeous and yet functional piece that makes a big impact in any room and I think it would be the perfect way to create a divide between the current kitchen and formal living room opening.

The big question is how to do it so it fits in with the modern interior & exterior? Here’s some ideas I found….

Vintage doors

(image taken from Houzz by Furman + Keil Architects)

Hanging vintage doors on a clean crisp modern background completely resonates with me. What a great way to add in character and history to a room.

A brilliant color statement

(image taken from Houzz by Burr & McCallum Architects)

Or you can go completely the other way. The idea of taking a traditional method of displaying barn doors and making a super modern version of it  with chrome finished hardware is also very cool. I also adore the recessed chalkboard as a hidden child’s play space.

Ultra modern hanging door

(image taken from Houzz by Fiorella Design)

So where do you get the doors from? Most people take a flea market find and repurpose it, or create their own. You can get the hardware to hang the doors separately.  This company lets you customize the finish on the hardware so it blends in with the rest of your home.

Hardware for hanging a barn door

Yet another excuse to keep shopping at the local flea markets!

One Response to “A modern hanging barn door”

  1. Rebecca Einstein December 3, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Very nice 🙂 I like the combination of old & new. I always wanted to buy an old cabin looking very old and worn out on the outside but modern & chic on the inside. My favorite furniture website so far is dayoriscustom.com. Where did you get your old doors from? Most of these older doors are strong and durable unlike the new modern ones that break apart easily. Thank you for sharing. This is definitely something I’ll think about when I buy a new house. Right now I’m on a lease & I think I have decorated plenty…My husband is not into decorating so I have to do it all by myself.

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