Our House Year Two: Weeks 15 & 16

29 May

This week we finally  finished siding and painting the east gable of the house which means that  the home-made scaffolding can at last come down and will of course be repurposed into new scaffolding for the back of the house.

A finished gable

With the gable done we could focus our attention elsewhere. Back onto concrete and getting the extension done!

All ready to be approved.

Jon and David created & installed all the rebar themselves bending steel bars to provide stability for the concrete, they laid them out on top of a metallic insulating barrier that will reflect the heat from the underfloor heating back into the concrete floor. They then laid out the underfloor piping, securing it  with handy plastic ties to the rebar so that it didn’t shift  and connected it under the house. That took me just a minute to type but this was a 2 day job  for those guys, and a lot of kneeling!

Once it was ready we  had to go through a round of inspections for the concrete forms for the back room before we could pour. We were slightly concerned about this as the drainage placement  wasn’t in an ideal spot but I’m glad to report that we passed with flying colors. So we scheduled in the truck. It’s always big news in our house on concrete day –  the boys get very excited to see a real life concrete truck in action

Good morning neighbors!

We decided to use a different firm this time than the cowboys from the “steps debacle ” as we call it – basically they made the mix to dry and it got stuck in the tube and then they had the cheek to charge us for that delay!!! I mean really – is it good business sense to piss off the lady who is going to need TONS of concrete in the near future???

Instead this new crew arrived on time (at 8am I might add!), were super professional and had the whole thing done in 45 mins. Concrete day is stressfull – there can be no delays and you have to be ready for them when they arrive but this time everything went like clockwork.

A finished floor.

We had to leave it for a day before we could walk on it but it looks great. If we’d concreted the whole area I’d be tempted to buff it and leave it at that as I love the look of a polished concrete floor  but we are joining this area up to existing floor (gross lino ‘n’ all) so  we are going to have to put wooden flooring over it which isn’t the end of the world.

With the floor finished it was time to fit the frame for the 3 panel sliding door. As I mentioned before we had been eyeing up a nana-wall kind of door but we couldn’t have one for the following reasons:

1) they need a thicker wall than we had to house the panels and we didn’t want to rebuild the wall to accommodate it

2) you need a supporting wall for the panels to rest against and we don’t have that – they would stack up against the stairs/windows

3) they cost $1k a foot..so it would have been $12k for a DOOR. um yeah not in the budget!!!

Our 3 panel slider was a third of the price and will give us an opening of 8 ft once they are stacked so I am pretty happy with it. We got it from Western Windows and the quality is incredible. I highly recommend them. We were able to perfectly match up the finish with our Alumatherm windows too which is a nice touch.

Jon and David  carefully placed the frame into the opening and then had to work around its gaps to make it airtight. we had to get the frame in now so we could finish off the siding at the back of the house.

sliding door prep

The frame was pretty difficult to put in as without the actual window panels in its flimsy and the shape moves more than you would want it too. You also have to commit to gluing it down before you can put the panels in so you have no idea if you got your rectangle perfectly aligned till its too late!  We installed the waterproof barrier onto the wooden frame before laying out the metal door frame.

Glueing the frame into place.

Jon checked and double checked the opening and then went for it – gluing down the frame to the barrier and then nailed it into place. The frame was pretty dusty and dirty from being in the work shed for so long so David opted to give it a good clean with the goof off (miracle liquid in our house!!) .

David goofing off!

With a clean frame in place you’d think we moved straight onto installing the panels..well no. Jon had a trip to Vegas planned with his friends and then following that was a work trip to New Orleans so he wasn’t around for 10 whole days after getting the frame into place. So we lived open to the elements for another 2 weeks!

Now that the floor was done in the extension it meant we could move onto insulation and drywall – but this meant we had to remove the stair rail that was on the lower part of the stairs as it was attached to the wall. We took this as the perfect opportunity to check out the design of this as an option for our front stair rail.

Testing out a design

It looks pretty good and so I think we will mimic this design  with outdoor finishes for the front entrance.

The house is really starting to look close to being finished now and I am excited for the next two weeks where we insulate, drywall and  make airtight the back extension….no more camping at home!!!!

One Response to “Our House Year Two: Weeks 15 & 16”

  1. Dad May 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Looking nice Sam…….really pleased for you and impressed with my practical son-in-law! Never knew Jon was like that – takes after his talented Dad!

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