A self renovation….in progress

4 Jun

I’ve decided to start including a little bit more info on the non-diy side of our lives. As working parents to two active boys we have to balance having fun with working on the house..so these posts are all about the balance , or lack of it and the fun we have along the way!

Well for me this means addressing the big white elephant in the room which is my lack of exercising since we had kids. Yes for the past 5 YEARS  I have done next to NO exercise, which is poor form for a girl who used to pride herself on her fitness and my über athletic attitude. I LOVE running, and getting out there and trying new things. When I was 15 I was on at least 7 sports teams…yes 7!!! I was so busy playing sport that I barely had anytime for socializing….so what happened?

Well if I’m honest I guess I just got lazy, altho its been really easy to blame the kids “they take all my time, I can’t fit it in..blah blah”. Well that is kind of true – and the last few years have been a little busy to say the least but I need to do this for me. I need to find a way to make it happen.

The one thing I know about myself tho is that I need pressure to complete things – I need a goal and teammates to help me with it. SO I did something stupid good. I gathered a bunch of gals together from work (including the fabulous Margaret Edith) and declared that we should all enter the color run in SF together. Its a 5k run that’s kind of fun as you get colored powder thrown at you en route. I have visions of us ending up looking like this:-

color fun…apparently!

Well except with a bright red sweaty face no doubt! And what’s great about it is that 5k should be totally doable…well unless you havent exercised for 5 YEARS!!

So  to get in shape for it I’m starting off with the couch to 5k plan. It’s totally not intimidating and I highly recommend it. At this point my aim is to just get around the course in a decent time.

I plan to document this fitness journey so that I force myself to continue keeping fit…who knows this form of pressure might actually work??!!!

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