Finding the perfect color palette for your home.

4 Jun

Deciding on what color palette to put in your home is one of the hardest choices to make. There’s literally millions of options and I personally really struggle to make  a color decision and stick to it. I often know which color I want to feature but what will work with it? and should I be finding a similar toned shade or trying to contrast it?

Have no fear,  help is at hand –  Design Seeds is a brilliant website filled with hundreds of perfect color palettes to help figure out what your perfect palette could be. With hundreds of boards inspired by images and nature there’s plenty of options to choose from . The website was created by Jessica who works continuously to track emerging trends and design ideas plus she has been officially decreed as one of the most  influential people on Pinterest.

This range of blues inspires thoughts of summer vacations and  bright painted walls..I love it.

This color palette  (door brights) is my inspiration for Charlie’s bedroom (minus the pink of course!)

And I love this color pallette for maybe Jack’s bedroom (minus the yellow):

Check out the Design Seeds website, search for  a color palette based upon your main selection or you can buy Jessica’s books with similar color ranges from here.

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