A modern outdoor playspace for the kids

11 Jun

Our garden is in a desperate state of affairs. I think once a year around this time we say “we should really do something about it” and then we get distracted quite naturally with the giant home renovation we have going on.  Well the sun is shining again and so I am back in my garden rampage. My aim really is only to create one area that’s kids safe as the rest will take years to get done.

So I started looking for innovative ideas that are modern and yet fun for kids. I’ve finally realized that I don’t want to do the standard play structure – I want something a little different. Something that will make kids go ‘wow this is cool’.

This image is from Dwell magazine and I love it – its perfect for my active boys. We could easily incorporate this along the back wall of the upper garden.

Photo by Matthew Williams

And then adding in a creative play area like this.

A chalkboard in the garden.

And I’d like to throw in some color into the space  too. Check out what this resourceful family did with an old tree stump and lots of cans of spray paint.

Colorful stepping-stones

Finally whats a play area without a great swing? This skateboard swing is awesome and so easy to do yourself.

Skating the summer away!

I love that you can stand or sit on it and likely get some real height going!!!

So many ideas and so little time (& budget!!) to get it all done. Watch this space and see where we end up on the garden. I am still very much in favor of getting a landscape architect in to help us define & design the space but that’s a whole other expense we didn’t account for in our ever-growing budget.


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