The uphill battle…..

15 Jun

On Weds night I did something crazy…well crazy good. I went to the run club hosted by Lululemon near my house in Tennessee Valley, Marin. Completely encouraged along by my good (and crazy fit) friend Eileen I finally ran out of excuses as to why I shouldn’t be running after work. Jon was home with the kids and I’d be back for bedtime so I could totally do this. Once I finally decided to give it a go, it was liberating!

The sun was shining, it was a perfect Northern California night and I was pretty excited about meeting up with the nice souls from my local Lululemon store and other locals and going for a leisurely stroll. I was told there would be all levels of fitness there (with me being the worst by far for sure) and I like the camaraderie of running with a group, although everyone goes at their own pace and no-one has to stay with the pack if they want to sprint ahead.

Eileen and I pulled up and we said our hello’s and introduced ourselves and then the talk of which way to run began. Let’s do the Miwok trail someone suggested, yes was the resounding voices. Ok I thought that sounds good…”where is that I asked?”  “up the hill”.

THE HILL? This big one? oh crap. I’ll never make it. Seriously, did no-one hear me when I said I HAVENT RUN FOR 5 YEARS???!!!!

The Tennessee Valley Landscape

Fun fact: the hill is 1.3miles straight up. Cue manic laughter in my head…mwwaahhhh.

We set off. Group pressure and all that meant I couldn’t decide to duck out and drink wine in the local bar instead. This is one of the main benefits of running en masse I suppose!!!

I was fine at first, taking it slow, catching my breath plodding along. The hill rose up in front of me and my heart started pounding…..boom, boom, boom. I thought I was going to DIE. Literally. I could hardly breathe and just had to slow down to a power walk on some of the steepest hills. But hey that’s ok because this is a work in progress and I was doing my best right there and then.

Before I knew it we were at the top, I MADE IT!!!! YES. And then was informed that we were running down but via another lookout point. I like lookouts – I’m down for that..and you said its down hill right?

LIES!!! I ran down and then up for a bit and then down. A.LOT.  And then we stopped . Wow great view (overlooking SF Bay..sorry no pics as I was too busy running and DYING to take a pic). ok turn around back we go…WHAT?? BACK UP THE HILL??? err yeah sorry!

And so back up the hill I ran, well sort of half ran, half dragged my feet because you know of the DYING ‘n’all that. and then we were back at the top. Finally we ran back down the way we had come up. And yes I did run ALL THE WAY DOWN…i’m very proud of that. Trust me that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Running downhill hurts in different ways than uphill  and stuff jiggles more!

So here we are the motley run club crew. Half these folks didn’t even go the way I went – which was the easy way apparently, and they got back before me. But it was AWESOME and I felt great afterwards. Seriously, I was buzzing with good endorphins.

Did I want to run up a hill?? hell no. Am I glad they made me (in a very nice way!) do it?? YES. Do I forgive the lies of just how many uphill bits there were? Sort of!

The Lululemon run club

When I got home I told Jon where I’d run (uphill for MILES) and his response was “I don’t believe you, did you really?” amazing huh!!

The moral of this story is join a group to shift your butt into gear – it works and you will do things you thought you couldn’t.  Check out your local Lululemon they are sure to have some great FREE classes & groups you can join. Yeah I said FREE. Amazing huh? And what’s more they are super nice people wearing great clothes. Which helps A LOT when forgiving their uphill lies!

p.s  Can we do the flat beach run next week please?

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