Our House,Year Two: week 17 & 18

18 Jun

With the east gable finished it was time to move onto the back of the house and our last area of siding! David worked steadily to put up the siding and in a couple of days the lower back was done.

siding before a coat of paint and half way done!

We then employed our trusty helper Moses to give it a coat of paint and its ended up looking like this…woohoo I like where this is going.

the finish line is close (for the outside anyway!)..

Then it was time to crack on with the insulation in the  extension. This had to get done asap as the drywallers were booked in to come as soon as we passed the insulation inspection. Yes yet another inspection in the matter of a week or two! crazy.

Inspection ready insulation

Thankfully we are experts at putting in insulation now ( so we should be after 2 years of it!!) and passed with flying colors. And so drywall here we come!! Because this is really messy and dusty work we decided to build a temp wall between the kitchen and the new extension area. This meant we could limit the amount of dust & debris in the house and would allow the workmen to crack on without interruptions from inquisitive small kids!

The great room (and temp wall)

Unfortunately  the morning the drywallers arrived we decided we needed to change the position of some of the lights. The lights had been installed before we could view the whole room and when the original temp wall (yes there has been more than one!!) came down it showed us that they were not in line with each other. I knew this would drive me crazy in years to come if we didn’t address it now and so work was halted for the day whilst Jon hastily rearranged the light positions. The drywall team weren’t happy at being delayed by another day but this was an important step for us.

Fixing the lights

Finally we were ready and the team came and blitzed the house for  a solid 4 days. I can’t tell you how good the back room is looking now. All it needs is a quick coat of paint and its done!

I’ve said it before but there are some jobs you have to outsource in the home and for us this is one of them. The speed that they work at is unparalleled and they are experts at getting a perfect finish in the mudding & taping so its well worth paying them to come and do this for us.

Here’s a snap shot of Jack enjoying the empty space post base coat of paint!

run rabbit run rabbit…

With the back room done we could finally install the big glass sliding door. This was going to be a big moment as it would mean we were sealed downstairs for the first time in 2 years! Yes that’s right, no more cold air blowing into the dining area. Bliss!!

The panels for the doors are enormous, 4 ft wide each and incredibly heavy. Jon had planned to do this job with just his dad but I was roped in at the last minute as chief panel stabilizer! I think this basically meant dont let it fall in your direction – so I applied full pressure to keep it from listing towards me. To be honest if that thing had wanted to coe crashing my way I doubt I could have stopped it!

One of the door panels

To help them carry the panels from the garage to the back they fashioned a kind of rope & foam carrying tool out of left over rubbish that worked a treat

A door carry thingy’m’bob

A lot of heaving  an ho-ing ensued but the panels were slowly dropped into place.  It actually took about 2 hours before they were all in the right spot.

The homemade carry tools in action.

And then they were re-dropped into place once we realised they were actually on inside out. sigh.

Testing the panels for a smooth glide.

How did we know they were on inside out? Actually for a few days we didn’t. But then  the smoothness of the doors opening and closing became an issue and upon closer inspection it was decreed that they were indeed on back to front. so they ALL came off and then went back on again. Simple enough to do but the dam heavy doors had 3 of us working on each one and it takes a bit of time. Plus you don’t want to drop on of these bad boys so you are being super cautious!

SO here it is a final shot of the downstairs family/dining  room – all empty and soulless!!! The soul will come in time I suppose but the structure is there.

Taaa daa…its an empty room!

The electrics still need attending too and then there’s the flooring which is currently scheduled for a few weeks time. Still we motor on and we are draft free (well downstairs anyway!).

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