Designing our master closet….the highs & lows!

3 Jul

Recently our master closet was finished – as in it was built and the walls were painted ( a basic white for now) and the floors were installed (and not yet stained). This MASSIVE development cause a flurry of excitement because FINALLY I was able to start designing the master closet. You have to understand that for the last TWO years I have been living with my clothes scattered all over the house. My dresses are downstairs, half my wardrobe is still in boxes in the garage and the only hanging space we have has been this rail that David built for us!

The “hers” side of the current hanging space

And then poor Jon has been forced to hang all his clothes on what can only be known as the worlds worst temporary rail. Seriously you touch this thing and it falls apart!! I am so looking forward to being able to throw this out.

And the his side of the room.

I knew instantly that I wanted this closet to be professionally designed. Its not that big and Jon and I have a LOT of stuff so we needed to make sure every space was taken care of.

Here’s the list of things I need:

1. long hang space for dresses – I have a LOT (they are just so pretty and I cant stop buying them!!)

2.  2x short hangs for tops & trousers for both Jon & I

3. shelves for boxes n other stuff

4. shoe cubbies…I mean there wont be enough for ALL my shoes but my faves/most used surely!

So we have drafted in the experts for this. Having ruled out the Container store and Ikea already we are down to 3 custom cabinety makers – California Closets, Closet Crafters and The Closet Factory. We could do this ourselves but frankly at this stage our time is better spent elsewhere. This is what we are looking for – just waiting to see what kinds of bids we can get .

Our closet plan.

We have opted for a hanging space rather than a full to the floor closet build because it gives us more storage flexibility on the floor. Also its a LOT cheaper we are assuming than a full build out and at this stage in the renovation game every penny counts.

The space isn’t that big so we thinks we can only build on the two walls to get the best use. The other wall will be mirror & doorway with a bit of wall with a pretty pattern on it. I am hoping to girlie out this room so I have some space that has florals & color!!!!

The story of the closet to be continued……

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