Our House Year Two: Weeks 19 & 20

11 Jul

Wow I am SOOO behind with these updates – ya take a week off work and it all goes to pot! Anyway here’s where we are at with the house now……

With the family room was sealed and the drywall done we were finally airtight. At this point you’d expect a big hooray and a rush of activity to get the inside done…well nothing else happened for a week or two on this space as we were waiting for the flooring to go down.

I am pleased to say that we tested the underfloor heating (on this downstairs loop) and it was working…yippee!! Feeling the warm concrete under our feet was amazing. We still have a few issues with the upstairs – we suspect a cut in a pipe somewhere as we cant maintain pressure on the line but we will continue to investigate.

The state of the great room

So with all this free time on their hands (ahem!!) Jon & David focused on getting the deck waterproof. This was one of the last jobs to completely seal in the entire house and it quickly became urgent as a rainstorm was scheduled to pass through. The last thing we wanted after finally getting to where we did was a giant downpour in the new family room ruining the drywall!!!

They were applying a kind of elastic liquid rubber barrier  made by AMES research laboratories  that seals in the deck with this mesh fabric as the base that holds it all together. I didn’t realize this but it takes 5 coats to get it completely sealed and then there a final coat that is the Safe T Deck  which is a skid resistant waterproof finish.

They have this nifty installation video here that shows you how easy it is to use…

Waterproofing the deck

I can’t even begin to explain how messy this job was. It’s quite literally the messiest job ever, the liquid rubber was getting everywhere and when that stuff dries you have a job on your hands peeling it off your skin…I know this because Jon got it all up his arms and we spent ages peeling bits of dried rubber off his arm (ripping out plenty of his arm hair in the process!) !!

Messy work.

The last bit of the house being boarded up with plywood was our door out from the master bathroom onto the deck. The door  from Western Windows had arrived and we were finally in a position to put it in. This final piece represents a massive leap forward for us as I can now officially say we are 100% sealed and locked up in the house!!

There is no more plywood acting as a deterrent to the outside world to stop them from entering our home…after nearly 2 years you actually need a key to get into our home! Amazing and wouldn’t you know it we don’t have enough keys for everyone that needs one so I can see a quick trip to the cobblers coming my way.

The final open area gets sealed!

Lastly it was a quiet week in our house as we were busy celebrating Charlie’s 1st birthday…… a BIG happy birthday to my gorgeous little man!! I can’t believe its been a year since you were born into a house with no roof and no heating…you are a trooper and we love you lots!!!

Our 1 yr old bundle of joy

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