Our House Year Two: weeks 21 & 22

16 Jul

With the outside of the house all sealed in it was time to finish off the last bit of siding. David had it up in next to no time and then a final coat of paint was applied. This means that the outside of the house is  DONE…. as in the big jobs anyway. There’s still some light fixtures to go on and hand rails etc but taaadaaa..one finished house (on the outside!!).

The last bit of siding finished!

It was a big moment for us…we have been working towards this for the last TWO YEARS! so yes we took a little bit of time to reflect on this accomplishment….

The finished back

No more rain leaking into the house, no more cold drafts from bits of plywood covering up holes, and no further risk of Marin’s wildlife taking refuge inside our home (we hope!!).

So it’s no wonder that these two fellas were feeling very proud of themselves. A big round of applause please for our dynamic house building duo….. Howe & Son.

Feeling very proud!

A mini celebration later and it was back to work and time for a massive clean up time across the site. We have collected giant piles of lumber during this house build  not in the least in the sheer amount needed to build the scaffolding to finish the house. So it was high time to get them organized and the remainder of the scaffolding broken down.

We have enough wood to build another house!

We organized it all into our temporary storage shed where I’ve no doubt it will live till another project comes along (im thinking pay house for the boys). This clean up took the best part of a day but once it was done the garden looked well almost like a garden again!

With the outside done we are 100% focused on the inside now and that means flooring. Which also means the time has come to remove the kitchen. I have been dreading this but has to be done as we need the floors finished before we can build the new kitchen cabinets on top of them. And so we started ripping out the kitchen…which has left us living with this…

Bye bye kitchen.

The sink is slightly terrifying as it’s not bolted down to anything. So when the bowl is full it could easily tip over – so all washing up is done quickly and with no small children tearing around. There is also zero space to store a) dirty dishes waiting to be washed and b) clean dishes once done so a real tag team effort is required. David did build us a temp “flap” of plywood that we can stash things on and he was very proud of its revolutionary ways on the whole washing up process. I am sad to say that the flap is not a feature we will be incorporating into the final kitchen design, I will have a dishwasher instead!!!

Because we don’t exactly know how long we will be in this state  of “kitchenless living” we decided the smart thing to do would be to build a temporary kitchen somewhere else….the garage!

Its small, and cozy and there literally room for nothing but it does the job. We have an oven, a fridge and a microwave. What more could you ask for??

Our temp kitchen!

Given that we havent finished the design for the kitchen yet we might be living like this for quite some time. I do think tho that by ripping it out the kitchen may have just moved up a notch or two in our priorities list!!!!

Now that we were ready for flooring Felix our flooring guy came in and  started laying out the white oak flooring straight away. He’s so fast its unbelievable and in just 2 days he had the whole family room & kitchen area done. Again this is a job you could do yourself but when you have a sub contractor that so fast and as reasonably priced as Felix is then you might as well sub it out and focus your attention elsewhere.

Oak flooring in the family room

Here is the room with the floor almost finished. We have to sand and stain it  to match the upstairs next for it to be completely done but this will happen in the next few weeks.

Yippeee – flooring in!!!

Up next we move onto  ripping out the drywall in the office & guest room. This is going to be really messy and I am really not looking forward to having to empty out those rooms as they are packed with junk 😦

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