Our Hour Year Two: Weeks 25 & 26

6 Aug

This week we had guests, good friends of Jon’s from his college days and their two teenage daughters. Yes these were people who were actually crazy enough to come and stay in the chaos that we continue to live in. How did that impact us? Well it meant that suddenly we had to find room for an additional 4 people to sleep!!

The delay in the extra flooring coming meant that the front of the house wasn’t ready to be sanded and stained  like we had planned so Felix decided to work on the back and we put the guests up in the front to stay. It wasnt pretty. We have no blinds, and only  1 bed. No doors and no bathroom downstairs.

The blank canvas

Yes this doesn’t exactly say “welcome” but thankfully our guests were fine with the situation and we adapted with airbeds and moving some rugs around. We did push it tho when they were informed that the bathroom downstairs was off-limits and you couldn’t get upstairs to the bathroom UNLESS you were prepared to climb a ladder. Ever hiked up a ladder when desperate for the loo? I didn’t think so!! Thankfully this was only for a 24 hour period whilst the floor was drying and it passed before we knew it.

The floors looked great tho once Felix was all done (the stairs are still to be done).  And when totally dry (some 2 days later) we were able to move some furniture back into this space and start living again in our downstairs which felt amazing. We hooked up the Tv for the first time in a year much to the boys excitement!

The family room.

As you can see tho we are still living without a kitchen. Yes its still in the garage.

Kitchen area floors.

We are pretty much done on the design front  for the new space and I’ll share that later. We do have to get the kitchen ordered fast tho as Ikea has a 20% off sale on right now and that will make a big difference to the final pricing!

The Keogh’s did regret the moment they offered to wash up after a BBQ one night…as it meant they were doing it in the bathroom.

The awesomely adaptable Keogh’s

It took some teamwork and a plan of action  but they managed!! For context, Debbie was doing this washing up just AFTER running the SF marathon in a very respectable 4hrs and 25 mins. How she was even standing up I do not know!!!

Still it wasnt all toil and stress in the house – we did manage to find the time to play.

Jack & Lauren in the pool

Jack and Lauren were playing in the pool for 3 hours one day. I’ve never had such an easy time getting him to bed before!!!

The final excitement to happen these past two weeks was we got our master closet fitted.  I mentioned in a previous post about doing the rounds of manufacturer’s and that we finally choose the closet factory to build this.

Our master closet close to finished!

Well these guys were great – they came totally prepared, cut pieces on site so that it fitted perfectly and were in and out in under 2 hours. They even left the closet smelling like a heavenly orange scent which is sure to send any moths flying (woohoo!!). The closet is now of course packed with gear and looking more like this……

No sign of Jon’s clothes!

It’s not the biggest space but it is well laid out and has made a massive difference in our lifestyle already. I can find anything I need in a second and there’s no more arguing about who moved what where!!! Our bedroom also looks really tidy with the removal of the hanging rails and we realized that it’s actually a pretty big space now that we can see the floors!

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