The family that flea’s together….

8 Aug

This weekend we hit up the Alameda Antique Fair for the first time. I wasnt entirely sure what to expect and it was a bit of a risk taking the youngsters with us but we had a great day. Set on an old naval base in Alameda with views over the bay to San Francisco this fair is the largest in Northern California with over 800 dealer stands to browse around. It happens on the first sunday of the month and goes from 6am (yikes!!) till 3pm. The entry price varies but the earlier you go the more expensive it is to get in.

Here’s my quick tips for shopping at this fair:

  • We arrived at about 10am and there were already people carting off trolleys full of goodies. The early birds get the best worms here!
  • There’s plenty of parking as the lot is massive but be warned after 8am you will end up parking quite far away from the entrance to the fair which means quite a hike to the start of the fair, and then the fair itself is enormous so wear comfy shoes!
  • Take a stroller if taking kids, they will get tired. Guaranteed.
  • There’s plenty of food trucks so don’t worry about food options.
  • Be prepared to spend time browsing!
  • Take cash with you….you dont want to walk all the way back to the ATM if you spot a bargain!

There was tons of great glassware. I loved these vintage phones & crates. Check out the Union Jack chairs – these were part of a dining set which might be a bit much all together.

My son loved this old motorcycle (ahem maybe next time!!!), I loved this mid-century modern lounge set up. How freaky is this dolls head in a glass dome?  The print on this chair was amazing – great blues & greens.

I loved this chandelier but it was a little too long for our ceilings. A button mirror is a nightmare come true for me, I have a phobia of buttons – true story! This red metal side table that would make a perfect addition to a family room for some industrial chic.  Gorgeous vintage bar cart. Enough said!!!

Overall we had a great time and there was some amazing things but we came home empty-handed . I suppose we weren’t in a buying mood simply because its hard to know what we need right now for the house. If you are in the market for some antiques and vintage curiosities however I highly recommend a visit.

2 Responses to “The family that flea’s together….”

  1. Iris Interiors LLC August 8, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    Great pictures. I know it can be hard to have the little ones in tow. Sounds like it went well though. I am in love with vintage bar cart. I can’t believe what fabulous shape it’s in. And the phones always get me!

  2. ourdailydress August 10, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    So many beautiful things! Love all the chairs, but those dolls heads are creeeeepy.

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