Tips for designing your Ikea Kitchen

20 Aug

Jon and I spent a ton of time recently figuring out the kitchen design process when working with Ikea. We discovered that there’s basically 3 options for you…… here’s our quick run down of each of those.

(Disclaimer: I should add in that this is purely our experience and you shouldn’t use this to solely make a decision on whats right for you!!!)

1. Use Ikea’s online kitchen planning tool.

Now I don’t know about you but we were excited to jump into this tool and start designing our kitchen and its FREE. BONUS!

Jon got cracking first and spent a good 3 hours one night playing around with designs till he got to a decent place – or so he thought. Then I logged in to tweak the design. The issues started here. Somehow I accidentally deleted a ton of stuff and then struggled to put it back. I could NOT get the tool to put a cabinet in the right place. I tried 10 times. Logged off. Logged back in ( see I DO listen to my IT folks!!). NO Joy. Then Jon tried  and again nothing. So we started from scratch and then it happened again.

Ikea’s 3D Kitchen planner tool

The thing I REALLY hate about this tool is that its SLOWWWW  and with my (ahem) slightly impatient nature I found myself clicking on the plan several times which basically sent the tool into a spiral and then it crashed. Like I said this happened  10 times. And then I screamed at the computer and finally gave up. Would I recommend this option? Hell No. But maybe you are more patient with technology than I am.

2. You can pay Ikea $199 to design your kitchen for you.

When we saw this option in store we thought HURRAH. This is clearly the way forward so we don’t have to deal with that blasted tool again (see point 1.)  However we were still in browsing mode when in the store and weren’t quite ready to jump on this service so we took the info and asked if we could call to book later. Yes they said – simply dial this number, and then ask to be put through to kitchens and we will help you book. Great and so we went home.

Have you ever tried calling Ikea? Dont. Seriously. You CANNOT get through and when you finally get put through and you leave a voicemail and then no-one calls you back for days!!! Um thank goodness we aren’t on a tight schedule or anything. 5 days after I first tried, I finally got a call back to be told we don’t do this over the phone but I will fax you a credit card auth form to pay for the service and then someone will call you back to schedule. Did I ever get that fax? No. Did I want to drive 15 miles back to the store JUST to book an appointment?? Um No.

So now what???  Fast forward to number 3……

3. Pay someone else to design your Ikea kitchen for you!!!!

Feeling somewhat frustrated I googled Ikea Kitchen design. And I discovered  IKDO. They have a very comprehensive blog that features their recreation of great  kitchens with IKEA cabinets. I found myself spending hours browsing through their past posts.  Then I discovered that you can hire them to design your kitchen for you for only $65?? Amazing.

A sample of an IKDO design

We gave them a quick run down of what we wanted (high gloss white, island blah blah) and some measurements and BOOM 48 hours later a finished design in hand. Then we had the opportunity to review it and provide feedback to make any changes we wanted and discuss other options and ask questions (e.g why no cupboards on one wall? Better use of visual space. Ahh yes good idea…thanks!!) . 24 Hours later changes were made and back with us for a final review. After 3 DAYS we have a finished design in hand with a complete parts breakdown so ordering will be a cinch.

Annnd relax. No more stress trying to deal with the big bad swedish megastore (well until it comes time to place our order that is!!!).

One Response to “Tips for designing your Ikea Kitchen”

  1. Duncan Munday August 23, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Some people are really against Ikea kitchens i just don’t understand why, they have some great designs and fantastic features with prices you really can afford.

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