A New York State Of Mind….

22 Aug

Hey folks – I am going to be off the grid this week as I am heading to NYC to attend Alt Summit! I am particularly excited about this as not only is Alt a mind bogglingly awesome conference but also I havent been to the big apple for over 6 years! It never ceases to amaze me that as I’ve moved to the USA my travel has become less and less frequent to the point of non-existent – tho I’m sure that having two kids under 5 has a little something to do with that!

Having been to an Alt conference before I know what to expect – lots of incredibly useful info, lots of fun conversations and LOTS of fabulous fashion (cue my outfit stress!!). It’s being held at the Martha Stewart HQ which has me giddy at the thought that we could see the woman herself pottering around! Can you imagine? What would you even say to the crafting queen???

kaysha/516818391/” title=”New York City by kaysha, on Flickr”>New York City

I have a tiny window of free time  after the conf to check out some of the amazing home decor stores in NYC that until now I have only been able to read about! ABC Home & Carpet is on the list but if you have any other recco’s then please feel free to let me know in the comments! I should have room in my case for a few lil things for my home!!!!

See you next week!

Sam xx

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