Finding some Organic Modernism hidden in NYC….

18 Sep

Things have been a little crazy in the Renovation Diaries household the last two weeks as I have been on the road non stop travelling for work which has left me with very little time to post and NO time to update on our house progress. I will address that soon I promise and do some house updates but first I wanted to share a gem of a store I literally stumbled into in NYC.

Organic Modernism is a furniture company based out of Brooklyn  and they create and sell some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen. I walked about their store on Broadway just gasping at their stuff. Of course I whipped out my phone to start snapping pics and then it died on me (the joys of travelling!!) and so a few images from their website will have to do.

This Belt chair had me almost in tears – I love it so much…

Belt Chair by Organic Modernism

and check out the style of this Flamingo table – covering off two of my favorite materials  at the moment brass and walnut.

The Flamingo Table by Organic Modernism

And their lighting is equally as cool. I love the 3 light look of this aptly named Trilight.

Trilight by Organic Modernism

Finally one of my favorite pieces Alma Brass ..the bright blue fabric, the bronze dipped walnut legs..Swoon!!

Alma Brass by Organic Modernism

The awesome folks over at Organic Modernism will even work with you to create bespoke pieces, so you can design away to your heart’s content and have them make something for you. I think I just found a new favorite furniture store.



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