Shopping in Vancouver : Mint Interiors

25 Sep

I had the extreme fortune to be in Vancouver last week with work and I took the opportunity to check out the interior shopping options in the city whilst I was there. This was only my second trip to this gorgeous city but I was happy to say it was a world away from the first which was a bit of a depressing disaster (you can thank the US Embassy for that!!) – the sun was shining the whole time, the city was buzzing and everyone I spoke to was either super helpful or really happy.

Wandering through the streets of Granville Island I stumbled  into Mint – this is a little of the beaten path from the downtown but again it has a great selection of carefully curated home goodies. Here was some of my faves that I havent seen before …..

Bee Cereal Bowl by Laura Zindel

And this art hiding a book-case which is just awesome and ever so slightly weird. I love the art on the front – it really makes you stop and stare for a minute!

Les Dandy’s – Edmond Dantes Bookcase

And this locally made cotton wall clock that you can have custom-designed by the artist in a range of colors.

45ft Cotton Clock made by Landon Dix

If you are ever in the Vancouver area I highly recommend checking out Mint.


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