Spreading some Blogging love: Fellow Renovators

4 Oct

I think I’m writing this post mainly to prove to myself that we aren’t the only crazy people out there… that in fact there are many of us, who, spurred on by watching too many hours of HGTV, have bitten off perhaps a little bit more than we can chew…..but we love it and relish the process and are blogging it every step of the way!

Yes its time to spread some blogging love around here and call out my fellow renovators..the places I go for some renovation inspiration and when I need to know that I am not alone in this never-ending cycle of dust, drama and chaotic living….

1.  Love & Renovations.

The projects this adorable couple complete makes my heart sing…I cannot wait till I’m at the spray painting my vintage furniture stage..and did you see their DIY light fixture???……AHHHMAZING. Seriously check it out NOW.

2. Brooklyn Limestone

Taking on the renovation of a 100-year-old Limestone in Brooklyn takes guts.  This blog has all the before and after images  of their renovation and for those of us that are stuck in the  present “mid” state its quite inspirational!

3. Chezerbey

These guys are trained architects handling their Seattle-based renovation all by their selves. I love their style ethos (pretty modern and sustainable) and they have some great before and after photos too…one day I shall have the same!!!

4.House Tweaking

Gorgeously designed site with lots of great info on it and I was super happy to see that these guy have just gone through an Ikea kitchen design & fit stage too – so lots to learn from here!

5. The Petch House

Renovating is ALL about being testing to your limits…. so finding the humor in your situation is critical to your survival at times –  Greg at The Petch House is doing a really good job of this whilst renovating a home originally built in 1895 !

6. Young House Love

These guys are like the Oprah of home renovating blogs…they do it full-time (the bloggingAND DIY-ing that is) and share every step of the journey. Its pretty inspirational to see how far they have taken their home especially as they are wayyy past the dust & drywall stage.

7. A Good House

I love this blog  as it shares the journey of renovating a mid-century modern home – a style and period I love.

8. Yellow Brick Home

This Chicago based couple have great style and a fab design eye – I easily get lost on this blog for hours at a time!

Who do you like to read? Where do you go for inspiration?   If there’s other blogs you love or if you have a renovation blog share the link in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for new places to go be inspired!!

One Response to “Spreading some Blogging love: Fellow Renovators”

  1. hannawebster October 11, 2012 at 5:15 am #

    I think you have proved yourself. I visited through your link and found it very interesting. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things here.

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